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Landmark Homebuilders is an industry leader in custom home designs. With years of extensive industry experience, our dedicated team works hard to secure maximum results. From sturdier products to unsurpassed engineering, our homes are designed to effectively meet your needs. With over 170 homes in the Greater Houston area, we are simply committed to excellence in all endeavors. Not only do we work with our customers, we are detail orientated and offer true personalized attention at reasonable prices. We also go that extra step to ensure your home is environmentally sound. With all the latest technologies, our cutting-edge homes truly feature innovation at its finest.

With quality services and a hands-on approach, no job is ever too big or too small. We oversee all projects from start to finish, and work diligently to achieve desired results. From new to existing homes, we even specialize in light remodeling and renovation. As the fiscal crisis ensues, our energy efficient homes are heralded for reducing costs across the board. Whether it’s LED lights or high-end insulation, your comfort and safety are always our highest priorities. For the best in custom home builds, “Make Your Next Home a Landmark.”

Whether you are in the planning phase or are ready to get started, call us and see how Landmark Homebuilders can help.

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Landmark Homebuilders, Inc.
is a full service custom home design company. We have decades of experience in homebuilding, and work hard to meet your desired results. Chuck Jorgensen offers unparalleled customer service, as he guides you through every aspect of your project. For more information, please contact us today.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

"Landmark Homebuilders offers exceptional services for Houston customers. They built the home of my dreams!Chuck built our 4000 sq.ft. house in Fonn Villas in 2010 and helped us through the various stages of concept, architectural, selection of material, build and landscaping. He did not compromise on quality and after nearly two years of living in the house we have not had one problem. He was open to changes and was reasonable with his change orders. We would definitely use him again and can honestly recommend his services to anyone."

John Hunt, Houston, TX

"We have recently completed a major remodel to our home - taking out a wall, completely gutting the living area downstairs, including the kitchen, dining and living rooms, bathroom and utility room, and are extremely pleased with the final product. Chuck Jorgensen is reliable, honest, professional, ethical and was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire project. We would highly recommend him to anyone considering remodeling their home. The transformation of our home is truly amazing!"

Greg and Bina Lorfing, Houston, TX

"From inception to final completion the experience was a very pleasant one. During the pre-contract phase, Chuck was very helpful in getting our design finalized by Duffy and Associates. He was very thorough and complete in pricing the final design that became the basis for our contract. Chuck has been timely and very responsive to the few warranty items that have surfaced after move in. I would rate Landmark Homebuilders an excellent Custom Home Builder due to the efforts and dedication of its President, Chuck Jorgensen."

Robert I. and Edna O. Gutierrez, Houston, TX